Alex Garcia

Open for work!

I'm available for part-time work opportunities for software development and technical content creation.

I left my full-time software engineering job in early 2021 and have been freelancing/consulting ever since. I typically work with data visualization agencies, small startups, and software engineering teams. I develop new software tools, work with existing codebases, and write technical content. I also provide trainings and offer pair programming sessions.

I'd be great for consulting and development related to:

More specifically, if your company, agency, or newsroom is looking to make:

Let's chat!

Support my Open Source Work

If you or your company has benefited from one of my many open source projects and you'd like to see it continue, consider financially supporting my work!

Open source work takes up a lot of time and energy, so your support is greatly appreciated.

Hire me directly for consulting and development

My consulting and software development work funds my open source work — see above for details.

Hire me for internal company talks or Q&As

If you don't have the resources to hire or don't do 1099's, consider hiring me to give a remote talk to your engineering team or newsroom! Similar to Simon Willison's idea, I can prepare a talk (or be a part of a Q&A session) about any technical topic you or your team would like to learn more about.

A few talk ideas I would love to give (with any edits necessary):

  • Using Observable effectively inside a team
  • Deep dive on how SQLite extensions work
  • Tutorial/walkthrough in writing SQLite extensions in C, Rust, or Go
  • Effectively using SQLite in Python
  • When to use SQLite vs DuckDB

Email me with info about your team, what you all would like to learn about, how long you'd want the talk to be, and I'll get back to you. I am also available for in-person talks.

Hire me to develop new open source projects or features to existing projects

If you team wants to see a new SQLite extension, new features to any of my pre-existing projects, , or you have your own projects you'd like to open source (or add new features to pre-existing projects), then get in touch!


Email me at, or DM me on Twitter.